Among Tecna Spa’s strengths, we must highlight the the structure flexibility, made up of technical and design teams, organized and different depending on the single construction size.

All production steps are made with an accurate planning to adjust the processing stages, the final choice of materials, according to a structured and accurate timeline.

The design and production phases’ management, the delivery and the installation, are taken over and carried out in order to provide the best service, satisfying every client request in accordance with the scheduled time.


Tecna Spa dedicates itself with care and passion to each work: from the design to the material selection, through the producing , from the assembly to the shipping. A special care that transforms the various materials, whether wood or metal, in top quality results.


The raw material is chosen according to the customer’s request, in order to ensure the best final result: Tecna Spa takes care of the search and the selection of wood kinds,even it has to be treated with rough brushstrokes, semi-veneered panels or processed in natural woods. All the processing could be enriched by the metallic carpentry department, for the processing of customized elements in polished or brushed stainless steel.

Tecna Spa also takes care of the water veil operations, using the most modern robotic equipment and always giving attention to environmental responsibility, working in ventilated rooms and using a waste water treatment system for the recycling process.


After have processed all the single elements, Tecna Spa takes care of the product assembly, doing all that is needed to create amazing final products. It matches wood and metals components, plastic and crystal materials to create unique objects. The many years of experience, allows Tecna Spa to optimize also the installation process in all its steps: from the assembly to the delivery and the store outfitting.


The furniture shipment is as important as the production. Respectful of the agreements made with the customer, Tecna Spa, delivery both in Italy and abroad, when possible doing it through its own resources or with the collaboration of highly specialized transport companies.


The attention dedicated to the entire production process and the shipment it is completed in the installation of the furniture, directly in the point of sale. This ultimate process is made face to face with the client to make a fast shared control and, if it’s necessary, to make changes as quickly as possible.


One of the most important sectors of Tecna Spa company is the one made with the designers that compose the technical department. Projects, simulations and renderings are created internally and independently and, in some cases, drawing on with the expertise of architects and external designers, both Italian and international. The Tecna Spa’s technical office peculiarity is to be part of each production step, for to accompany, edit and coordinate the entire work starting from the construction until the optimum result.


Informative policy of the successful adoption of the Organizational Model, Management and Control, former Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

On June the 8, 2001 it has been release the Legislative Decree 231/2001 ( “Regulation of the administrative liability of legal entities, companies and associations, including the no-legal personality ones, in accordance with art. 11 of law 29 September 2000 n. 300 “), which intended to bring the Italian legislation on the liability of legal entities with certain international conventions to which Italy has long adhered.

Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced, for the first time in Italy, the responsibility in a court of entities for some offenses committed in their own interest or to their own advantage by people with a representational charge, in administration or management of  organizational units with financial and functional autonomy, or by persons who exercise, even de facto, management or control activities in those companies or associations or ,finally, by people under the direction or  the supervision of one of the aforementioned individuals. The company’s liability is added to that of the one who has materially committed the crime.

TECNA SPA, sensitive to the need of ensuring fairness and transparency in the conduct of its business and economic activities, and to protect its image and position and the expectations of its members and the work of its employees, has deemed it consistent with its  company policies, to proceed with the implementation of an Organizational Model, Management and Control pursuant to the aforementioned Legislative Decree no. 231/01. This initiative, which follows the implementation of management systems that comply with ISO9001 and ISO 14001, the integration of these management systems in the Organizational Model, Management and Control pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01, and enactment an Ethical Code, was taken in the belief that the adoption of the company, beyond the provisions of the Decree, which indicate the Model itself as an optional and not mandatory, can be a valuable tool for raising the awareness with particular regard to all those who act in the name and on behalf of TECNA SPA, in aim to track the performance of their tasks, the correct and coherent behavior, such as to prevent the risk of committing crimes and offenses.

The Organisational, Management and Control Model adopted by TECNA S.P.A. and approved by the 20/09/2017 resolution by its Board of Directors, has been redacted following Confindustria’s guidelines.