About Us


The activity of Tecna Spa begins in 1972 with the production of shop fittings and the setting up of advertising area. Since 1980 it has specialized in setting up shops affiliated with franchise chains but it realize, with the same care and through its strong values, tailored design for general stores. A team composed by different professional, among interior designer, architects and a technical office, made Tecna Spa the best example of the work realized with the handcrafted care, by using the most modern productive technologies.

Tecna Spa philosophy is based on the will to communicate the client brand in an exclusive, recognizable and professional way. The interior of the stores is a place for the exchange of informations, emotions and experience, where to feel comfortable and enjoy the purchase-decision time.


The space is the place where the client’s needs bring out: each component conveys an emotional message and helps to compose an accurate view of the brand values directly in loco .
The attention to details and the high quality of materials are the defining elements of the processing in Tecna Spa, even if the project has been totally developed inside the company or it was done with a cooperation with external architects and designers.


Tecna Spa processing and productions are the result of the continous search for the highest quality. Raw material are constantly checked and the processing and the assembling process, make possible to create unique products with a precise functionality and a great aesthetic value. The surplus, in Tecna Spa production, is the long lifetime, typical of the handcraft production but made with the fastest processing time due to modern then tecniques used and industrial machines.


Tecna spa is continuously committed in updating, improvement and upgrading of the production and technical resources, with the ultimate purpose of providing modern and competitive services. Everyday, Tecna Spa improves the processing with the reduction of the environmental impact of its activities with a program for the separate disposal of materials and recycling waste.
The waste material are collected and processed in a biomass station that turns it into fuel for the heating of the internal rooms. For the lighting were chosen the most modern photovoltaic technologies.